Painting a sharp line the easy way.

One winter Wisconsin weekend, the project team (my wife and I ) were helping some friends of ours paint their new mid century split level.  Because it suits our personality and it was the last room on the list, we painted one of the the kids rooms.  The theme of the room is bright and colorful as it will be shared by young twins.  While we painted three of the walls bright orange, we were given artistic license to get a little crazy on the remaining wall.  Pinterest supplied the inspiration- a starburst pattern.

FullSizeRender (2) (480x640)

 What impressed me most was how clean the lines turned out.  The secret is one of my favorite products that I have raved about on this blog before called ‘SnotTape.  Make sure you get the ‘SnotTape thats right for your surface.  One formulation is for Glossier Surfaces, and the other formulation is for flat and matte surfaces.  Since our walls were Semi-Gloss we chose the grey box.

20160130_121817 (640x360)

 After we painted our background color, the first step is laying out the design.  To do this, we measured and marked where we wanted the lines and then laid down the ‘SnotTape.

IMG_20160130_152332 (640x360)

Once we were happy with how the design was framed out on the wall, we began to set down the rays with the tape.

  20160130_153350 (640x360)

Looking closer at the design, you can see the rough surface that the tape will cover.  Be sure to press the ‘SnotTape firmly against the wall for proper adhesion.  I used a putty knife for this.  20160130_153412 (640x360)

At this point we were ready for paint! It took a few coats to cover the grey.  We could have used a small roller, but we had the brushes on hand.

20160130_160313 (640x360)

Finally after all of the paint was applied and had had some time to dry, it was time to remove the ‘SnotTape.

20160130_171605 (640x360)

20160130_171711 (640x360)

  Savvy readers may have noticed the yellow that got through on the corner on the right side of the picture above.  This was easily corrected by some grey paint.

20160130_172121 (360x640)

 This is the finished product.  The kids love it and we are inspired to try more ‘SnotTape projects at


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  1. We love this project/design and what you’ve been able to achieve with ‘SnotTape! Thanks for sharing this with us. Please reach out to us at the contact information below, we’d love to discuss other projects you may have in mind.


  2. Regular old painters tape will work just fine, if you add one quick extra step. After you have your pattern all taped out, go over the tape edges with the base color. After it dries, paint whatever colors you had planned for that area. Icky-edges are mainly caused by paint leaking under the edges of the tape. If you use the base coat on the edges first, you are only allowing it to leak base coat color on top of base coat.


    1. Thanks Laura for the suggestion of painting the tape the base color after it is applied to the wall. I think that method would work well, just maybe take a little longer.


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