Painting a sharp line the easy way.

One winter Wisconsin weekend, the barterforbacon.com project team (my wife and I ) were helping some friends of ours paint their new mid century split level.  Because it suits our […]

Pallet bar

I made this cool pallet bar a few years back at my friends workshop from some old pallets, a piece of countertop, and a determined flag.   When we were […]

Snot Tape

I’d like to tell you about the next big thing in masking tape- Snot Tape! This is the replacement for the masking tape you have been using for years. The […]

I love the smell of bacon and pine needles.  That’s why last year I bought 35 of these little beauties.  I bet you could fit 500 of these on a […]

In rural Wisconsin, oftentimes you will find that when you get up on a cold winter morning, the only thing that will wake you is lathering in bacon scented soap. […]

Hello Bacon World! Because of the resounding success achieved with https://www.facebook.com/groups/398814266815879/ Everything Is Better With Bacon, A Forum for Bacon Greatness, I have decided to fulfill my life dream and start my […]